Children in Indoor Playground

“Where children know love, sense security, and embrace education.”

Empowering & equipping the promise of tomorrow’s generation today through:

* Education* Enrichment* Experience*


Energized community collaboration so that the children in our communities have a strong foundation for the future.

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CHEERS School Family is a nonprofit organization passionate about having an environment where children know love, sense security, and embrace education.


The children enrolled at a CHEERS facility, ranging from infants to school-aged, spend their days learning, growing, and developing the skills they need to be successful people, both personally and academically. Programs are academically and socially based with curricula that meet or exceed state standards. CHEERS operates two child-care facilities: Heritage in Berryville, Virginia, and Children First in Kearneysville, West Virginia.

Our Story:

The CHEERS Family™ is incorporated as a non-profit, 501c3 organization. It started as
a single child development Center in 1997 serving 100 children, and by January 2005, it
was serving close to 300 families in three locations! Here’s how we grew:
⮚ September 1997 – The Heritage Child Development Center (HCDC) opened in
the Grace Episcopal Church Parish Hall serving 24 children while the building
was under construction.
⮚ June 1998 – Heritage opens the new building, and is able to serve 85 children.
⮚ June 2001 – Heritage expanded to a second site for its school-age program, The
Clubhouse, serving 35 children.
⮚ April 2002 – The Children First Child Development Center (CFCDC) opened as
a “sister center” in Kearneysville, WV, serving over 100 children.
⮚ December 2004 – the respective Board of Directors signed the final documents to
legally merge the two organizations into CHEERS School Family™, Inc. The
two organizations would collectively serve 220 children between the ages of six
weeks and 12 years.
⮚ January 2005 – The Heritage Clubhouse expands into a second building at its
site, bringing the Clubhouse capacity to 63 children and the CHEERS School
Family™ to 275 children, with expansion capacity of a half-day program to 295
⮚ September 2020 – Heritage moved the school age program back to the main
building and moved out of the separate Clubhouse building.
Both HCDC and CFCDC were founded by area businesses and individuals committed to
bringing quality childcare to the rural communities. Without their commitment of time,
talent, and resources these child development Centers would not exist.