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STAR Performers


How to Nominate a STAR Teacher?

All CHEERS employees are eligible to be nominated, including the support staff – cook, substitutes, and administration.  

  • Nominations will be reviewed by the Executive Director to ensure they meet eligibility for the award (i.e., demonstrates going above and beyond their expected responsibilities as teachers at CHEERS).

  • The CHEERS Board of Directors will choose a winner from Heritage / Clubhouse and a winner from Children First.  Each winner will receive a $50 bonus.  All others who were nominated and met eligibility requirements will receive a STAR performer coin, which provides the employee with 2 hours of paid time off.  

  • If the Board of Directors determines the nominations reviewed at the quarterly meeting do not meet the guidelines for the award, a winner will not be chosen for that month.  

  • One person per nomination, please.  If that is not possible and a joint nomination is chosen by the Board of Directors, the award will be divided evenly amongst those listed in the nomination.  

  • CHEERS has a plaque in each lobby to recognize the STAR Performer Staff!    

Nominations are accepted quarterly.  Please turn in nominations the 10th of December, March, June, and September to be considered.